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Carita Drew

teatteriohjaaja ja näytelmäkirjailija

THAT FACE (ohjaaja)

Polly Stenham kirjoitti näytelmän erittäin modernista aiheesta, jotain mitä näemme jokapäiväisessä elämässä, ehkä jopa omassa kodissamme; toimintahäiriöinen perhe. Tässä meillä on perhe, joka yrittää korjata halkeamia. Fokuksena on lapset, Mia ja Henry, jotka koittavat selviytyä eronneiden vanhempien kanssa. Kuinka paljon vanhempien epävarmuus, addiktiot, ja turhautuneisuus vaikuttaa lapsiimme? Voiko vanhemmat korjata vanhat vahingot?

Tämä produktio oli nuori ja dramaattinen, erittäin hauska, mutta uskomattoman lähellä todellisuutta. Ja hyvin koskettava tarina veljestä ja siskosta, jotka huolehtivat sairaasta äidistä. 

Sewell Barn Theatre voitti Norfolk Arts Awardsissa teatteripalkinnon poikkeuksellisesta työstä kaudella 2014-2015, johon myös That Face kuului. 

Rooleissa: Jonathan Massey, Mandy Kiley, Hannah Bethell, Alexandra Bannon, Steve Askew, Louise Latham



"Another in a consistently strong season at the Barn, Carita Drew's sensitively directed production saw Mandy Kiley as Martha and Jonathan Massey as Henry convincingly convey the close, enabling, but ultimately damaged relationship between a son desperately believing in the ability of his mother to overcome not just her alcoholism, but also the fast swinging bipolar disorder that pervades every aspect of both their lives. Jonathan Adkins' set captured the mood of the play to perfection. Jonathan Massey communicated both the oppressive claustrophobia and the unswerving love of Henry for his mother, as Mandy Kiley's Martha rode a turbulent sea of emotions from giggling peaks to desperate troughs with a truly disconcerting realism. Meanwhile, Hannah Bethel's Mia was all too aware of her brother's circumstances and remains as in control during her antagonistic contact with Martha, as she did being the apparently subservient partner to the delightfully vindictive Izzy (Alexandra Bannon) in the opening scene with Louise Latham as the victim, Alice. When Steve Askew arrived as Hugh, nicely portrayed as first rate businessman and perhaps second rate (and second time around) father, tensions rose to a head.

'That Face' remains a contemporary play that touches on many difficult themes and provokes much thought and reaction, but it does so with a glimmer of hope. Engaging and interesting, this was a production that was definitely not to be missed."

- Myles Crowder, Sewell Barn Newsletter 04/2015



"All six characters - including the tiny non-speaking role of Alice, the victim of appalling school bullying - are inhabited and created by their performers with enormous skill and under deft direction. Central to the play is the disturbing relationship between Martha and her son Henry, as he attempts to care for a deeply sick woman and is suckered in to her distorted world. Jonathan Massey and Mandy Kiley created and sustained this unthinkably difficult scenario with passion and complete conviction.

This isn't a cosy, feel-good night out at the theatre. If you want escapism... well, this isn't a world you'd want to escape to. It's full of foul-mouthed violence, emotional abuse and fear. However, if you are open to experiencing a production that provokes thought and discussion and feeling - yes, and quite a lot of laughter, too; that turns in performances of extraordinary power and integrity, that showcases youth and experience side-by-side, and demonstrates once again that the Sewell Barn Theatre is capable of highly professional and powerful creations: take the time away from the goggle-box and go."


"That Face at the Sewell Barn is so worth a proper review being published asap. It's receiving great audience reaction - tears and standing ovations..."



Sewell Barn Theatre, Norwich, UK

Helmikuu/Maaliskuu 2015 


Image Gallery - Photography by Sean Owen